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Providing a one-of-a-kind indicator for companies to gauge how they lead culture with intention.

We help leaders lead culture with intention.

CQ5 scores are key performance indicators that measure the success of an organization’s ability to lead culture.

The Results

Each report provides you with simple metrics for you to manage and apply to your business as key performance indicators.

You get six basic metrics:

  1. One Summary Score which we call the “Culture Quotient”
  2. One score for each of the key drivers of leading culture

The Results: Culture Quotient Score

We’ve developed a simple metric called the “Culture Quotient (CQ)”. Think of this as a summary score that allows leaders to track improvement over time. Every report has this summary score up-front and centre.


The Results: The Five Drivers

CQ5 measures the five high-reliability drivers to that help leaders lead culture with intention. These five drivers each get an individual score. Based on your results, the driver with the lowest score will be reported along with guiding questions to help leadership work on the area of culture with the most opportunity.


The culture quotient score makes it easy for you to understand if you are leading in a manner that is unintentional, conscious or intentional. Learn more about what these levels mean and more about the five drivers.

CQ5 is a simple, web-based assessment tool

that helps leaders gauge how they’re leading in these key areas:





How do we define the drivers?


by taking 5 minutes, asking 15 questions, based on these 5 drivers.

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